The Top 3 Biggest Factors  
To Better Yourself In The Gym
Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to talk about what it’s going to take to get the body you want. Growing up and getting my first gym membership I had clue what to do, what worked what or what a good routine to follow was. As years have passed I have learned the ins and outs of how to get the body you want. Here are some key points to keep in mind when you are working out.
Most people don't take the time when beginning a workout program to find out proper form. Proper form when lifting is big key to success. It helps target the specific muscles you are trying to work rather than a different muscle group.
The other big benefit is preventing injuries
When I started lifting I started performing squats. As I kept going I was noticing my lower back was cause me problems and I did not have any clue what I was doing, so therefore I was using my spine rather than using the correct form and muscle groups.
The correct form for a Squat
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(This is not me in the video)
I could have been using my glutes, hamstring, quads, core, and calves to really help myself rather than injure myself.
You could seriously hurt yourself and do some serious damage to your muscles. You should always with every lift make sure you are using correct form before adding more weight. Things I would do mostly every time would be FORM CHECKS. If you check yourself in a mirror or get video footage of yourself, it really helps to see what you're doing.
 When it comes to nutrition everyone starts to think “dieting” cutting everything out and not eating as much. But when it comes down to a diet it really does not have to be as complicated as people think it is. Back when I started I had no clue what a diet really initialed.
Are you eating enough protein?
Are you eating the right Carbohydrates?
Are you eating enough carbohydrates?
Are you drinking enough water?
The list just goes on and on. Questions like these one go through everyone mind. I want you to know that you are not alone.
Here is your kick start for a healthy nutrition:
   .The amount of water per day for male is 13 cups Per day and female 9 cups per day
.Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
.You need to have 6-8 hours of sleep
   .Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits
   .Exercise regularly
   .Getting started
As everyone knows, no two people are the same. When you are trying to lose fat, why would you follow exactly what someone else did? When you are working out, why would you follow what everyone else is doing? Bodies react differently as to how your body may respond to foods, calories or even a work out.
Some people need to cut more calories than others
Some need more protein intake than others
Some people need to lift heavier
Some need to lift lighter
To this day I see it every time I go to the gym. People not knowing what they are trying to accomplish. Instead they just look around and see what others are doing there for they try the same work out but either not knowing what they are working on or why they are even doing that specific work out. Also just because someone eats a certain way does not mean that you’re going to look the same. There is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has done the exact same thing including myself.
Next, getting the right work out program for you will help in the long run and in that case you will have a better understanding on what exactly you’re doing in the gym and what you’re trying to accomplish. Also, get to a starting point with a caloric deficit and getting the right amount of protein. Next, give it some time to see how the body responds. Make adjustments accordingly, but never cut so many calories because you think it's the only way. If you do, you will lose all your muscle and your body will go into starvation mode and store your fat.
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