A little about my background:
One day when I was 16 I felt like my world came crashing down on me when my closest friend, my grandpa, was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. One year and half later my Great Uncle, my Grandpa's brother died of a massive heart attack. All the relatives on my moms side hadn't lived the best lifestyles. No one has made it passed the age of 65.
This made me really rethink my lifestyle. I knew I needed to make a change. I began doing all the research I could on living a better life style. I knew I had to be proactive about my own health and body because no one was going to do it for me. Through lot's of hard work and tested research I completely transformed my body.
 My Approach:
I'm not here to tell you the journey to a better you is easy. It's not. But, what I will tell you is that it's worth every step! I will be upfront with you about what you can expect from me and from your individualized plan. If you're willing to follow my advice you will see results. Getting healthy and the body you want doesn't have to be at the mercy of your nutrition or workout plan like so many others will have you believe.